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Re-Fund the Police

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Law Enforcement Today - the largest police-owned media outlet in America - is launching a nationwide “Re-Fund the Police” campaign. Your generous support will go towards:
Development of a national media advertising blitz to rally Americans who are sick and tired of the attacks on law enforcement and focus on the negative impact the defund the police movement is having on our country.
The establishment of a “strike team” of researchers and reporters to highlight the devastating impact of defunding the police in our communities.
We will work within our communities to highlight both the positive stories of law enforcement… and bring you the stories that are ignored by the mainstream media.


Crime is exploding across America. Defunding the police is causing even more chaos and increased crime in communities we live, work, and raise our families.

Defunding the police ironically requires more police officers to work overtime, which costs taxpayers more money... and leads to decreased officer morale, increased burnout, and unfortunately more mistakes.

Defunding the police strips our officers of much-needed training and resources, such as de-escalation, use of force, and cultural awareness training. Furthermore, the scheme to remove less-lethal options will simply result in more fatal police shootings.

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331 million Americans
85% of Americans support law enforcement (Gallup poll)
229 Line of Duty Deaths so far this year
41.9 percent increase from last year (the first 7 months of the year)
Accidental law enforcement deaths increased 20 percent this year

We Need Your Support
to Re-Fund the Police

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